Van started out as a guitarist in cover bands. He worked on his craft and eventually broke out on his own with a solo career in 2005. Playing the Sydney covers live circuit as well as releasing a string of indie singer songwriter albums from there, he released his first Children’s album mid 2019. Hush, his tenth collection of tunes, is a children’s album with a difference. Staying true to his sound of blues and funky pocket groove, he sings songs that give kids helpful hints to life’s daily challenges. With Dom Cabrera on drums, Byron Mark on keys/percussion and Van sharing the bass responsibilities with Brian Cachia, he keeps the vibe energetic and happy. Even songs like “The Frog and The Scorpion’ and “Bully Song” which tackle more grown up subject matters, there is a light hearted playfulness that will appeal to your child. Catchy tunes like “Are We There Yet”, “Swim, Swim, Swim” and “Yummy Yummy Popcorn” are sure to make your  child dance! This batch of funky kiddy tunes, targeted to toddlers to pre teens, are a delight. Parents will enjoy this album just as much as their children!


During Lockdown in 2020, he released “Rock Baby”. A bright and cheerful collection of songs that celebrate life and learning. Kid friendly and danceable, this album explores the fun and play between parents and their children. With Dom Cabrera back on the drum seat, Byron Mark on the keys and percussion and this time Dauno Martinez on bass, the album definitely rocks! The catchy “Brush Your Teeth” will have you humming to bed, “Let’s Make The Bed” will make you want to every morning! “Let’s Water The Garden” stands out as a favourite and has a vivid video to match (thanks to talented Benny Time). 


Not satisfied with a solid second childrens album, Van followed Rock Baby with “Daddy Day” late 2020. An album targeted for children from separated parents and different homes, complicated though this topic may be, this album is more of a celebration of the positive rather than the opposite. With the same line up from the previous album, Van dives more deeply into the psyche of the child, addresses the parent in song, and is more at home with the situation confidently presenting scenarios that bridge and strengthen the bonds between father and child. Complimented with a spattering of positive unrelated themes, this album does not ignore the children who come from homes where their parents are still together (like "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary" and "Alphabet Song").

This year, on 30th July 2021, Van released "Bingo", a collection of classic childrens tunes. An acoustic album of cover songs, with his good friend Casper Tromp playing keys and piano, leaving bass and percussion for Van to overdub in his home studio. What we have is Van's take on popular nursery rhymes and kid songs in a raw unplugged like setting, relying heavily on Van's acoustic guitar. Ever so grateful that his videoclip "Five Finger Family" went viral on YouTube and consequently expanded his subscriptions and followings exponentially in July. Although the title track, "9 Bottles of Beer" and "Five Finger Family Mando" did not do as well as it's predecessor, he hopes to produce more video content in the near future that will inspire and be as equally warmly welcomed.


A childrens artist with a real message to give, of love, joy and happiness, Van Sereno is a live performer that will not only captivate you… but make you think as you groove to his music.