New Music 2020!

Every day millions of children get picked up or dropped off by their separated parents. This collection of songs is dedicated to those children and single fathers all over the world. I believe that as parents, we have a responsibility to place our children’s best interest ahead of our own, that the focus should always be with the child. That mutual respect should be given to both parents, and walk alongside each other with a shared common goal to raise beautiful children. Both parents striving to protect and nurture the bond that exists towards the children, irrespective of the separate households.


For those of you that know me well, you will be aware that I separated from my partner early last year. I chose not to make any comments on social media. The mother of my children and I are friends, communicating efficiently and co-parenting well, we have both worked hard to reach this understanding. Wearing my heart on my sleeve, this record is the most vulnerable I have been, cathartic and therapeutic in it’s creation. “Daddy Day” is testament to my positive view of the future, that it is possible to sustain a healthy relationship between broken families. 


I may not be an expert at parenthood, and as you all may have worked out I am still new at being a father. But what I’ve learnt in the past year and a half or so, that despite the challenging times, your team will rally harder than ever to back you (and that was definitely the case with my team). Through it all, the love and respect I was given from my family, friends, bandmates, engineers, graphic designers, photographers and music industry professionals I am so grateful for, helping me heal in the most difficult period of my time.


Not to alienate the children that have parents that are still together and also to mix things up, I have sprinkled in a handful of songs that go away from the central theme of separation. 


My brand new album “Daddy Day” is out now.

New Music Coming 2020!

I am so excited to announce I have a new children's record coming out 12th June!

"Rock Baby" inspired by becoming a father  for the second time around (previous kids record "Hush" was for my first born). Diving a step further into parenthood I am so inspired by my daughters, and wish that they grow up to be good people, and hope that this collection of songs help them along the way. Forming a sound track that not only gives tips and advice through stories and catchy riffs, but also makes children happy and perhaps even dance or sing along. It's a celebration of life, a party record we can blast out in our lounge rooms in any time of the day! From babies and toddlers through to pre teens, kids of all ages will be able to  boogie with mum and dad. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these tunes and hope you enjoy them as much as I have in making them. Big shout out to my band, Byron Mark on keys and percussion, Dauno Martinez on bass and Dom Cabrera on drums. Get ready to Rock Baby!

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