You and me

another way

Yes you're Irish, and Im Asian

But Im also Australian

And I wear my green on St Patricks day

So what do you say, what do you say

You drink Guinness, I drink juice

But sometimes a Stella if I choose


another way

I keep thinking to myself one day that you'll be mine. And I keep thinking of ways that could maybe change your mind, about the way you feel about me even in due time...

Yeah I Know


If you think you're a mushroom, then I'm a bird in a cage.

You think I forgot to clock in but the cats not away and I'm no lab rat...

What then

I think I know

You're ready to go, throw it all away now, and this time we meant it too.

Talked about all our options every avenue, you've cried a lot now and I said Im sorry and you said don't worry and you toldme other things...

We got time


I’m gonna write a book one day, when Im old man on a beach far away. And I won’t care if no one reads it.

But I’m fine if I die, knowing its there if you need it...

Wasting Time


Never noticed then but I must admit I can't.

Help but notice the time slipping us by. Let's pretend we both don't mind...

Thinkin about my x


You said yes to me but threw the ring at me so. Bad you had to leave, I shouldn’t have let you go. When you said you didn’t trust me. There’s gotta be something I don’t know...

Thank you for tonight


What did I tell you, back at home that I didn’t want to go out tonight go alone.

I’m not in the mood, I must confess you made it worse when you insisted ‘Honey go get dressed’...


I think I know

Call me paranoid if you want, but I know that's not what I am. And you can be annoyed as much as you want cause I can.

Yes you argue with me fine, you tell me Darling it'll be alright...

Sitting on the fence


Funny how they wonder how she is before they ask how I am. And guess it’s nice how they try not mentioning the fact how I’ve changed the way I act.

How come I don’t call no more, nor come by...

Sit back and relax


It was kind enough for you to oblige. When I asked you to come inside. When I know it's quite late tonight. Maybe you'd prefer some wine. Never mind your white coffee or my usual black tea...

She told me


I saw the warning signs, I did ignore my friend’s advice.

They asked sure you know what you are doin’...

Seek not my heart


Oh gentle winds neath’ moon lit skies. Do not you hear my heartfelt cries. Below the branches here about. Do not you sense my fear and doubt.

Side glistening rivers sparkling streams. Do not you hear my woeful screams...



Let’s take a step back. Sideways if you prefer that. Just take a moment out. We need to slow this down...

Pick one

I think I know

Let me think for a little while, it was definitely me that you smiled at before and some more as the time ticks by I’m sure I'll meet youI can't help but notice how you stand out from the crowd...



You know I know by now you’re so over it, but at the back of your mind I know you might regret it, if you pack it up and walk away forget it all tonight, is it really that bad, or what you think it’s like. 

You see I don’t, I don’t want to sound too old, old fashioned and clichéd hey but wait...

No not again

another way

She lights a room up when she smiles, and every guy would look at least twice.

She's so class in a casual style and when she speaks you know she's so nice...

No clue


I know you've met someone new A Mr Big Shot driving through. He could've picked up any girl why mine, And you don't have to say a thing.

This ray of sunshine's amazingBells and whistles, five star wine and dine...

Mummy please


Little Boy of 3 years cries he says Mummy where is Daddy why doesn’t he come nor call us no more. What are you kissin’ that man outside for, She says son you forgot excuse me, I was busy can’t you see now look me in the eye and say sorry...

Move on


I thought that we agreed that it was over I thought that you and I already had this talk. When you gonna leave me alone you call me everyday. How long we gonna play this game, you're driving me insane...



Late work again this morning, I’m on Filipino time. Guess I’m lucky Boss don’t mind Sir knows what it’s like standing in line.

Bumper to bumper I’ll be fine, I’m not I’ll make sure I’ll text ya when I’m near Ya...

Make it better

I think I know

Never apologise for the sadness in your eyes. I know it's hard to speak don't even try for me...

Little bonsai


What if I was a bonsai tree and you were like a worker in this nursery, you never liked my type before you saw me, I guess it was like meant to be.

We spent most time in the glass house you would tell me everything all day now. You know me like your back hand see, Why don’t you try to understand me ..coz


another way

I wasn't spose’d to meet you as I remember on that day, I really don't know why but it just worked out that way. And would you excuse me with my casual approach I didn't expect to meet someone just like you and I didn't know what to say to you I guess I was just stuck for words...

Just come here

another way

Never mind following the yellow brick road or clicking your heels three times, Australia's so good you'll find all you gotta do is fly down here.

And we'll have fun I've got a list and one by one

It'll be alright

I think I know

Just the other day I had no way or clue we'd be here today in such a state. Aint it funny how, maybe not right now but later you’ll see how life works itself out...

It doesn't matter

You didn’t know this road would lead to a dead end. She said turn around and try again, “I know we’re lost it’s okay” I wish she threw the map away...

I'll find another


It took a while I must admit yes to be rid of all the bitterness. For a while I couldn’t even see or think from all the pain in me.

Now I’m glad to say that I feel good, knowing that you’re happy understood it’s really over you are movin’ on Just make sure you don’t do him wrong...

I think I know

I think I know

I think I've been floating around too long lately I know, I’ve seen too many of my friends move on.

But don't think I am comparing myself to them, cause’ I know I'm different but even then it makes me think...

I am here

Another way

I see this feels like a dream, to you everything seems too dizzy. You gotta’ grab on to my shoulder and trust me and just hang on you'll see...

He's not here


Told me you miss your man, twenty four seven but then, he’s not here with, You spend all your dollars on the phone too much time alone well I’m going to that same place you want to go he won’t mind if we hang. I’m a gentleman, you can trust me it’ll be harmless but...



Hey how’ you doin’ where’ you at these days. It’s been a while I think it’s time we had that drink I think about you almost every day. There’s so much that I want to say...

Give me a dollar


You say you can’t see it workin’ I crossed the line and broke your trust. Driven your tank to empty, we can never get back what we’ve lost. Now I know I said things will be different at least a couple of times before. This time I really do mean it, But it’s hopeless if you lock that door...

Get well soon


Here we go again, you’re lying in the hospital bed. It’s good to see you tooI gotta’ say I much prefer your living room It’s been a week, Nurse says you gotta eat you have to take your medicine...

Early days

I think I know

Like a little kid in a lollipop shop with chocolate. Eye's had opened wide and I was finding my head was winding and winding and finding your face in the crowd.

And little did I know how but wow, that middle of the day brought me to you now...

Don't go


She waves goodbye from the other side of the room blowin’ kisses to me and I think it’s funny.

Who thought I’d end up on the floor dance when I’m not the type to dance even sing after four or five drinks. Girl thanks for introducing this worldI can’t believe you gotta leave...

Daddy's little girl


Sweet little innocent Angel face, snuck out of her house for me tonight bet she'll be late, daddys little girls letting her hair down and from what she's told me she's found in her own mind a way for her to escape...

Cold Feet


Thought you meant it when you packed your bags goodbye and threw the ring at my face. Called you up the next week apologised and you were back at my place.

Made a point to try to not fight maybe do you right and behave, but it’s hard to walk on egg shells let alone dance with the weight...



I can’t read your mindI don’t want to waste your time. Tell me straight face to face, don’t run away anymor, eI’ll give you some credit. Yes even my friends have said it I’m surprised we’ve gone this far into it...

Change Your Mind


Did we really have something going on, I’m not gonna stand here and try to analyse every nuance. And we won’t get into whether we are willing to give me a chance, we’ve come too far and I thank you for that...



My friends near the exclusion zone, been there more than a year. She hasn’t bought a Geiger counter yet like the politicians she doesn’t care. She hasn’t taken any test yet but know’s it’s probably not good...

Cardboard box


She gave me a message the other day and told me hey, She’s now off the mainland, hired a car to check the beaches out and about sunburnt but otherwise, doin’ fine...

Blue House

©v.c.ilagan10.08.2012 Blues in Ab

I bought a blue houseI figured out its waste of money payin’ rent and our arguments. Did my head in, but I must have been insane ‘cause I’m not the same, sick of all this pain...

Believe what you want

I think I know

They look at you and they accuse you of the truth you found. They don't condone you of the way you act when I’m around. They can't accept me they say you can definitely do much better than that here, you're worth better than that dear...

Before you leave

another way

Sorry I was late I had to pinch myself that day. Reminiscing back in school and old times with you, no more pony tails and braces.

I wish you warned me on your email or at least I should've insisted you send a photo or two. So finally we re-unite, I had to hide how mesmerized I was in awe of you...

Beautiful Wife


I couldn't sleep last night a thousand things on my mind. Butterflies in my stomach, I thought maybe I would get so nervous I would stumble the isle, leave my fly undone drop the ring or stutter...

Bahala na


Lahat ng bagay ay may dahilan, Paminsan ay hindi mo malalamanKung hindi mo susubukanLahat ng bagay ay may Hahantungan

Are You Ready

I think I know

For once I felt the weight had finally lifted. At least for a fraction on that day and as I walked I shook my head and drifted. Better late than never I thought hey...



Flew back to the snow now, dug your car out. Bought your books by the campus store.You sounded sad when you called feelin so bad you’re alone...



I've been around your finger, and your phone tag ride too many times. Took you out for dinner, you ate my pride but I ignored the signs.

What was all that about that night, must have been a while now I can't remember right, I could see that you were keen even seemed to me we were on to something...

3 Guesses

‘I think I know’

Gave it some thought, I gave it so much thought I thought I was thinking too much of the sort of you and I and what more.

Could I offer you I want to do everything but before I go for what you'd like to know more -Well I guess it's now or never...

3 minutes & 40 seconds


You aren’t gonna let me explain a thing to you. You’ve made up your mind that I’m wasting my time haven’t you.

You’ve heard enough of my excuses I know it shows and no amount of time on our own won’t let the problem go...


I think I know

I can't figure you out, one day you tell me you're free and you're all about, Being honest to me and that it's over with him. I tell myself you know exactly what you are doing, you are in control. All I can do is wait for you to come around...

Another way

another way

Haven’t heard from you now for a while I’m starting to wonder what you got thinking in your mind about you and I. 

You call me predictable now. Don’t you think you've figured me outI won't even bring up before to even the score...

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